Algebraic Theory of Automata and Logic
European Science Foundation

Z. Ésik, H. Straubing, P. Weil
Th. Wilke

    The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for researchers interested in the structure theory of automata and/or the application of the algebraic approach to logic to present their new results and to combine their efforts in the further development of the structure theory of finite automata, tree automata and related structures in connections with formal logic.


Dates and location

The workshop is organized as a satellite event of the conference CSL 06 which will take place in Szeged, Hungary, between September 25 and 29, 2006. The dates of the workshop are: September 30 and October 1, 2006.

Proposed format and attendance

The scientific program will consist of invited lectures and contributed talks. We also intend to leave some room for discussions (open problem session, etc.).

We also expect that some Ph. D. students will attend the meeting.


If after the meeting there will be interest in publishing either a proceedings or a special journal issue, then the organizers will take responsibility of finding a suitable forum and will act as editors.

List of confirmed participants

Almeida, Jorge: The profinite approach to decidability questions

Bjorklund, Henrik: Towards Regular Data Languages

Bojanczyk, Mikolaj: Forest algebra

Carton, Olivier: Decidability of some classes of rational relations

Chaubard, Laura: C-varieties and first-order logic with modular predicates (joint work with J.E.Pin and H. Straubing)

Ciric, Miroslav: Myhill-Nerode Theory for Fuzzy Languages and Automata

Droste, Manfred: Weighted automata and weighted logics with discounting

Esik, Zoltan: Products of tree automata with an application to temporal logic

Ivan, Szabolcs: Some varieties of finite tree automata related to restricted temporal logics

Kufleitner, Manfred: Trace languages and the variety DA

Kunc, Michal: Equational description of pseudovarieties of homomorphisms

Meinecke, Ingmar: Weighted traces, their logics, and an extension to weighted MSCs

Pin, Jean-Eric: The separation conjecture

Salehi, Saeed: Characterizing Families of Tree Languages by Syntactic Monoids

Schwentick, Thomas: Expressive power of pebble automata

Silva, Pedro: Bimachines: an algebraic approach to Turing machine computation

Steinby, Magnus: Tree Algebras and Varieties of Tree Languages

Straubing, Howard: An algebraic approach to regular languages of unranked trees

ten Cate, Balder: Regular XPath: Algebra, Logic and Automata

Thomas, Wolfgang: Product structures and logic: News on the Feferman-Vaught approach

Aehlig, Klaus

Fulop, Zoltan

Gecseg, Ferenc

Ignjatovic, Jelena

Kaiser, Lukasz

Kuich, Werner

Maryns, Hendrik

Mitrovic, Melanija

Polak, Libor

Ramanujam, Ramaswamy

Segoufin, Luc

Tesson, Pascal

Vagvolgyi, Sandor

Weil, Pascal

Wilke, Thomas

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