10.1 Description

Common requirements for project management tools

  • Supporting the 4 phases of a project: plan, organize, control, supervise

  • Simple, intuitive user interface, pleasant user experience: the focus is the project and its progress not the tool itself

  • Support for multiple users with different permission sets

  • Support for customization: projects range from construction to IT, one tool to manage all

  • Support for remote access

  • Manages the information real time

  • Have reporting features


Properties to be taken into account when choosing a system

  • Only 10% of software costs are accountable for introduction, 90% is spent on maintenance => choose an easily and cost-effectively maintainable system

    • IT support should be available for the maintenance period

  • Easy to use, intuitive, no high costs on training; standard methods, processes are to be supported out of the box

  • Functionality meets above needs