11.1 Description

A mature, open-source, web based project management system with the following benefits

  • Free to use

  • Can be installed in an own environment

    • Data privacy easily governed

  • Free and easy to modify and maintain

    • Can be tailored to own needs

  • Good quality, minimal number of bugs

    • Used by thousands of organizations

  • Modular, extensive set of modules are available

    • From Agile to custom reporting needs

  • Have a wide range of features


  • Support for multiple projects with permissions and workflows customized individually on a project basis

  • Role based access control

    • LDAP based multi-level authentication support

    • Self-registration option

  • Issue tracking system – multiple types with custom workflows

    • E-mail based issue creation

  • Calendar and Gantt chart generation of issues

    • Aiding visual representation of a project

  • Per project

    • News module

    • Wiki

    • File sharing

  • RSS feed and email notifications on customizable actions

  • Time tracking module, work time reporting

  • Custom field settings for all entities (projects, issues)

  • Out-of-the-box integration with wide spread software version control system

  • Multi-language

  • Cross-platform support eases operation

  • Great documentation both for operation and users

  • Support: crowded forums and chat rooms

More information

  • Development started in 2006

  • Development language is Ruby on Rails

  • Cross database support

  • Cross browser support

  • License: GNU General Public License v2

  • Based on the tool Trac – to overcome its deficiencies

    • Redmine became the more popular alternative to Trac

Multiple forks (project management systems based on Redmine) are available, which are now based on the Software-as-a-Service model.