5.5 Dynamic Systems Development Method – Business value

Developed in The UK in the mid 1990s, by business personnel.

Managed by the DSDM Consortium.

A project has three phases

  • Pre project: activity to initiate the project

  • Project life cycle

    • Feasibility Study

    • Business Study

    • Functional Model Iteration

    • Design and Build Iteration

    • Implementation

  • Post-project: closure activities

The methodology:

  • Focusing on business value

  • Formal flavor of agile

  • Importance of requirements management

  • Sets stakeholder expectations: not all requirements will be implemented

  • Heavy documentation needs


  • Active user involvement

  • Team is to be motivated to deliver

  • Frequent delivery is a must

  • Primary acceptance criteria of a delivery is to meet current business needs

  • Iterative and incremental development

  • All changes are reversible

  • Requirements are high, business level

  • Thorough testing is required throughout the development

  • Collaboration of stakeholders is essential

Requirements managed in 4 sets:

  • Must / Should / Could / Would (MoSCoW acronym)