12.1.3 AGILE


  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working product instead of comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration instead of contract negotiation
  • Requirements are always changing, changes must be managed

Agile: incremental, value delivering, iterative, optimized and competitive


A flavour: Scrum

  • Roles
    • Development team
    • Product owner
  • Use of 2-4 weeks sprints
    • Start with a planning session, plan and estimate collaboratively
    • A commitment of the team, negotiated with Product Owner
    • At the end: a working portion of the product shipped & demonstrated
  • Requirements
    • Prone to change requirements backlog with priorities consisting of user stories, managed by PO
  • Communication
    • Short daily stand-up meetings of team members
    • Retrospective meetings at the end of the sprints on process improvement, “dos and don'ts”


More Agile flavours

  • Kanban: Just-In-Time manufacturing
    • Use a signboard for task managements
    • Continuous small steps used for process improvement
    • Great for changing huge enterprises in small steps
  • Extreme Programming
    • Communicate – have personal contacts
    • Improve software quality
    • Enhance responsiveness for changes
    • Release frequently
    • Meet on regular checkpoints
    • Use peer review sessions, pair-programming
  • Crystal
    • Multiple flavours from “light” to strict” - Crystal Clear … Crystal Sapphire
    • Deliver frequently
    • Improve with brainstorming sessions
    • Communicate with close contacts
    • Ensure safe environment
    • Interruption less work environment
    • Use experts knowledge and judgements
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method
    • Focus on business value
    • Manage requirements
    • Set expectations
    • Document heavily
  • Feature-Driven Development
    • Focus on technology
    • Have technological roles & responsibilities set up
    • Deliver features, small blocks of comprehensible deliverables, grouped to business hierarchy